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Consulting, Speaking and Training to, for, and about the Shelter Industry including; Builders, Remodelers, Building Scientists, Diagnosticians and the Handyman. Also Continuing Education (CE) Training Approved for States of Florida, Louisiana, and Minnesota.

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How Mike can Help

TechKnowledge Systems provides information, training, software and data, advice and support for contractors of all types but primarily those who sell to the homeowner. From it's Florida location, the company has accumulated thousands of clients from throughout the United States and Canada by providing live seminars for contractors, architects, designers, sales professionals, insurance adjusters, homeowners and building officials from 1986 until present.


During the 1990's the company added building scientists and building performance contractors to the list of clientele as the topic of energy conservation in homes became more mainstream with advances in testing and diagnostic technology. Live seminars over time   read more

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Seminars and Speaking

Mike’s seminars are designed to start you down the road of efficiency and profitability on the business side of your daily activities. Seminar content is built around two facts that affect your success on a daily basis;

Fact Number ONE: “As a contractor your major limiting asset is time.”

As a remodeling professional, chances are you can get all the studs, insulation, drywall, cabinets, furnaces, concrete, etc., you need to build or install whatever is required for the services or products you provide. You can’t buy more hours to make your day long enough to accomplish everything you need to do. The only way around this shortage of time is to become more efficient by   read more

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Self-guided Online Courses

"Finally--assembly instructions for your contracting business!" Welcome to a brand new day! Today you can begin to preview The P Process. This is the day you will begin to understand that there are predictable steps in the growth and evolution of your business. These steps are managed by basic processes. These basic processes are the foundation upon which you may develop a sustainable business. I call them the 4P's; position, price, propose and profit

These processes are complex activities and they are so inter-dependent that if one fails the others falter. When this happens you might  read more

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Everything Works Together

In his book; "The Lexus and the Olive Tree", Thomas Friedman paints a startling vista of how our world began to change in recent years. He quotes an electrical distributor who says; “Our customers changed their attitudes, becoming much more demanding; guys who used to give us commitments on jobs in an instant wouldn’t give commitments; clients who used to negotiate with us alone suddenly started demanding bids from everybody and anybody.

My contractor clients and students were saying; ‘We can’t get orders, things have gotten much more competitive when, and when   read more

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